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Why do I need accounting services

When you’re trying to handle every aspect of the business yourself, details can get overlooked, especially as your business grows and your finances get more complex. Chances are, unless you own an accounting business, your business’s financial picture will stretch the limits of your expertise fairly quickly.

When you own a small business, the money matters never end. You have your accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales figures, annual statements, payroll, projections, cash flow and taxes, to name a few considerations.

Sometimes, when a business is just starting out, by financial necessity those tasks fall squarely on the owner’s shoulders. It can be tempting to maintain that arrangement once the money starts to flow, not only to avoid paying someone else to do it but also to avoid allowing someone else to do it.

Accounting errors, especially tax-related accounting errors, can get expensive, it takes the accountant significantly less time to complete the work, and it will be done more accurately.

Our Accounting Services

We offer various solutions for accounting, book keeping, VAT and Tax returns.

Monthly Accounting

We offer various packages for your company's monthly, quarterly accounting and book keeping requirements.

VAT Returns

FTA requires each taxable person to file a quarterly VAT return. We can help submit VAT returns on your behalf to ensure that there are no delays or errors and guarantee compliance with the legislation provided by the authority.

VAT registration

VAT certification is a proof of business entities being registered under the UAE Tax Law and assures that the business entity is known by the Government of Emirates.

Yearly Financial Report

Companies are required to submit its Audited Financial Statements report and Audited Financial Statements Summary Sheet to the authority within 90 days after the end of each financial year.

NOTE: VAT related works and yearly financial audits will be provided thought our approved and accredited partners.

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