How to get the UAE Citizenship

How to get the UAE Citizenship

In a landmark decision, UAE recently announced major changes to its UAE citizenship laws which will enable the foreign investors, doctors, scientists, talented artists and their families to acquire the UAE citizenship.

This was passed upon the directive of the President Sheikh Khalifa and approved by the Vice President Sheikh Mohammed to give talented individuals and their families the UAE citizenship to ensure the social stability and enhance the national development process.

Another major benefit of this law is that it will also allow dual citizenship provided the other relevant government also allow it.

The UAE citizenship law will also cover the families meaning the spouse and children.

What are conditions that are to be met for those qualifying for the UAE citizenship

  • Investors: This covers property owners. (At the time of writing this article there is still no specific details as to the size of this investment or property value)
  • Medical and skilled professionals: Have 10 years of experience and must be specialized in a key scientific field that is in demand in the UAE and have contributed to research and studies that have significant value in their field. They must also be members of a prestigious organization in their field.
  • Scientists: Have a minimum of 10 years experience in this field as a researcher at a university, research institute or the private sector. Also, to qualify for the UAE citizenship, they must have won a prestigious scientific award or secured funding for their research during the past 10 years. They must also have a recommendation letter from an accredited scientific institute in the UAE.
  • Inventors: This category of individuals must have at least one patent certified by the UAE Ministry of Economy or any accredited international body. This patent must be unique and must represent to have a real value to the development of the UAE economy. It also requires a recommendation letter from the UAE Ministry of Economy.
  • Artists and Talented individuals: They must prove exceptional abilities and be pioneers in the field of art and culture. They must also have been awarded at least one internationally recognized awards in their field and follow it up with a recommendation letter from the relevant government entity.

How can one apply for the UAE citizenship

You must be a UAE resident and those qualified will be through nominations from the Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Court, the Executive Councils and the Cabinet based on federal entities nominations.

What are the other conditions for acquiring the UAE citizenship

Besides meeting the criteria and conditions for grating citizenship as per the category, the individual must take the oath and swear allegiance to the UAE and abide by the Emirati laws. The individual must also inform the corresponding governments in case of obtaining or losing a citizenship.

What are the benefits of a UAE citizenship

As per the laws, those granted citizenship will have the ability to own, establish a business 100% under their names. They will also be eligible to own, purchase property and land in any part of the country without being restricted to the freehold areas. Plus, any rights extended to them by the Federal entities.

Can the UAE citizenship be withdrawn

Yes, it can be withdrawn if you are found to violate your rights as a citizen or in losing one of the conditions upon which you were granted the citizenship.

This is a game changing decision to the UAE nationality law and is a first in the Arab world. The UAE had previously announced several residency schemes such as the 5 year Visa, 10 year Golden visa and permanent visas to certain categories.

Through this scheme may investors, medical professionals, students, scientists, engineers have benefitted.

The new law puts UAE on the world map as a country that appreciates the talents of expatriates who contribute to a society and country by granting them and their families the UAE citizenship.

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