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Why Do I need to liquidate my company

In the UAE, once the decision has been made to close a business, it is essential that all business licenses and permits are cancelled, irrespective of the jurisdiction. By informing the relevant authority or government entity that a company has been liquidated, the owners safeguard themselves and all other stakeholders from potential fines and penalties on their business license.

How do I Liquidate my company

Closing down a company

These are the steps we need to go through

Bank account

Close the company bank account

Cancel visas

All visas under the company must be cancelled


Get the clearance from the regulating authority


Get clearance from service provider (DEWA, RTA etc)


Run a 15 day news publication on the ongoing liquidation


Sell or transfer all assets under the company


This must be prepared by an approved firm


The registry will release the certificate of deregistration

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