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Freezone Overview

Most of the free zones offer three main types of entities: • Free zone establishment (i.e. single shareholder company); • Free zone company (i.e. a company with two or more shareholders); and • Branch of a foreign company (similar to onshore branches, but there is no need to appoint a national service agent).

Each free zone is administered and governed by its own regulatory authorities with their own rules and regulations. The licensing authority within each free zone is responsible for issuing free zone licences.

It is possible to establish a 100% foreign owned company, or branch, in one of the many free zones across the UAE. Free zone entities are able to operate freely within their respective free zone and outside the UAE (subject to applicable restrictions in the country in which they are seeking to operate).

Common License Types in Freezone

Commercial License

Covers a broad range of trading and multiple activities

Professional license

Service - Consultancy based activities fall under this category

Industrial License

Manufacturing, Fabrication business activities

Legal Structures Available for a Freezone Incorporation

Limited Liability Company LLC

For multiple shareholders


Fully operating office of a parent company and legally liable to it

Freezone Establishment FZE

100% ownership for a single shareholder

Representative Office

Office only allowed to promote business of parent company


Corporate shareholder structure and classified as an LLC or FZE

Benefits of a Freezone setup

100% foreign ownership

Finding a local partner is not required and there is no associated restriction to tie you down.

Quick Setup

Setting up a Free zone company is generally quicker than the formation of a non-Freezone company.

Liberal Immigration procedure

Each free zone has its own employment laws governed by the zone’s supervising authorities

50+ Options

Take your pick from the multiple freezones available depending on your activity and budget.

0% tax on income

Exemption from personal, corporate income tax and capital gain tax

Remote Incorporation

Setup your Freezone company without visiting UAE.

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